Das beste Frühstück der Stadt


“After a good meal, you could forgive anyone, even your own relatives.” – Oscar Wilde

This sentence from a play by Oscar Wilde expresses perfectly with its irony how valuable for our mood is the quality of the food we eat. And even if it was created long before our time, it fits perfectly with the intention of our world of pleasure.

Reservieren 0681 9327 1902
Reservieren 0681 9327 1902
Reservieren 0681 9327 1902



Comfortable feasting in our breakfast restaurant

Start the day in a good mood, because many love our great breakfast:

Everything that tastes delicious, healthy, fresh and crispy is available for you at the rich buffet of 
06:30 till 11:00
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 07:00 to 13:00
, to choose from.

Book now: 0681 93271902 (08:00 – 12:00am)

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